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Squash blossom

Squash Blossoms — Edible Beauty

On my last post I said that a couple of friends and I were making chiles en nogada dinners to celebrate Mexico's Independence Day. To get the ingredients for these dinners we have been going to Central de Abasto de la Ciudad de México, or in other words, one of the largest wholesale markets in the world. In the future I will write a pots about this amazing place—for now you can read the great piece Culinary Backstreets published a…
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Chile en nogada - Azul Condesa

Chiles en nogada — Food of gods

‘Tis is the season, but not the season you’re all thinking about—it’s only September for Christ sake! It is the season of chiles en nogada in Mexico. The colors of the chile you see in the picture are not the Christmas colors, although all my American friends relate them to the jolly season. They represent the Mexican flag, green for hope, white for unity and red for the blood our heroes shed to give us independence. So what is this…
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The Trekking Huarache

Doing What I Love

Hello blogosphere! Remember me? I’m Ben, the Mexican guy who started blogging about food 9 years ago in Ohio and now lives in Mexico City. It’s OK if you don’t remember, I’ve been away for a year. One year, wow! Once written it sounds like a very long time, though I didn’t notice the passing of time. Anyway, I’m back blogging! But why? My intention was never to stop blogging. Every now and then I would visit my old  blog…
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