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Hello blogosphere! Remember me? I’m Ben, the Mexican guy who started blogging about food 9 years ago in Ohio and now lives in Mexico City. It’s OK if you don’t remember, I’ve been away for a year. One year, wow! Once written it sounds like a very long time, though I didn’t notice the passing of time. Anyway, I’m back blogging!

But why?

My intention was never to stop blogging. Every now and then I would visit my old  blog dashboard and think about the great times I had blogging, especially in the early days when everything was new and I had no idea what the heck I was doing. But then, procrastination and life got in the way and I would leave it for another day that never came.

Enter Kristen’s blog post on The Resurgence of Slow Blogging. A light went off in my head and after reading the post I decided I wanted to get back in the game. Sometimes, when I was thinking about getting back, I would get discouraged about how competitive the industry has become. It seemed to me that if you weren’t writing to attract brands, posting the perfect picture and word count for a perfect SEO score and sharing it all over social media, you weren’t blogging anymore.

Blogging is an industry food bloggers helped build. But I feel like somewhere along the road we lost control of it and it became this huge content-producing machine you have to keep satisfied or it devours you. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great it became profitable for many people and that brands are investing money in it—I personally got three great jobs thanks to blogging. But I also think that blogging has lost sight of the reasons why many of us started doing: the love for food and sharing that love with the world.

The answer is always do what you love

The line on Kristen’s post that pushed me to start blogging again was this:

I love what I do and I want to be able to keep loving what I do.

I love blogging and it has been so good to me that I have been able to make a living for almost six years in a job that is related to it. And that is why I decided to start a new phase on my blogging career. What’s Cooking. Mexico? was my baby, a personal project that grew to be my business card. I keep it alive as a reminder of the good times I had blogging, the great people I met along the way and because people still visit it after all this time.

But now I decided to start a brand new blog about all the things that I love, not only Mexico and food, but also traveling, photography, markets, art, music, books, etc. This is how I interpret the Slow Blogging Movement that Kristen talks about on her post. I’m doing it because I’m passionate about those topics, and I’m doing it out of love. Earning money is not out of the picture, but it’s not the main reason either. In my experience, if you do what you love with passion and all your heart, great things will come out of it.

What is a Trekking Huarache?

Now you might be wondering about the name. Trekking is pretty self-explanatory, but what is a huarache? I wanted a name that was fun and had several meanings. Huarache is a pre-Hispanic word that refers to footwear. In Mexico we still use it to refer to a kind of indigenous sandal. Huarache is also a delicious dish in Mexico. It’s a large corn patty topped with many different ingredients. I wrote about huaraches for Culinary Backstreets here.


Trekking Huarache is a blog about traveling and food (mostly eating) and every other adventure in this humble blogger’s life that he finds worth writing about.

Ben Herrera
The Trekking Huarache


  1. Val Harrison (bellini)

    I am beyond excited to read about your new adventure in “slow blogging” Ben. As you know a group of us were also similarly inspired by Kristens’ post, but I have yet to jump in with both feet. I look forward to reading more about your exciting adventures as well as just daily life. Good job my friend.

  2. joan nova

    Bravo! Great piece!

  3. Sherri Jo

    I love this so much Ben <3

  4. kellypea

    Great way to lead the charge! I’ll be a bit slow to follow but I’m definitely there. I love your new space and the name fits you. I always enjoy your travel shots so will look forward to what comes next.

  5. Rosa

    Great post!

    Welcome to the world of slow-blogging! You’ll see, it’s pretty cool. Like most veteran bloggers, I miss the exchange and dynamics of the pre-blogging boom era, and I wish people would take more time to stop by, enjoy ours posts and interact with us…

    Looking forward to following you on your new platform, my friend!



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